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The Olive Oil Shop has a wide range of olive oils from Spain, Italy, Greece and France. So we don't just represent a brand, but simply look for the tastiest and best olive oil in the entire Mediterranean area. In the composition of our range for restaurants, we take into account the applicability based on method of use (baking, kitchen, on the table) and the price-quality ratio. Meanwhile, around 200 restaurants have chosen us with dozens of Michelin stars.

Make choices

At De olive oil Shop you can choose from at least 15 different olive oils. You do that based on taste preference, but also based on the application.

In our range you will find:

- Olive oil for frying or deep-frying
- Olive oil for general use in the kitchen
- Olive oil as an ingredient in one or more of your dishes
- Olive oil for bread

Use the right olive oil and you are guaranteed to get more flavor at lower costs.

Olive oil in the kitchen

To bake, we offer the Sansa or Orujo for an attractive price. For general use in the kitchen (sauces, vinaigrettes, slow cooking) you use a nice and fragrant Extra Vierge with a great price-quality ratio.

Olive oil as an ingredient

When it comes to ingredients, look for that Extra Virgin olive oil for that special dish. Grassy, ​​intense or with shades of, for example, banana or chocolate.

Olive oil with bread

Bread belongs to everyone's friend. An olive oil that all guests enjoy. High in taste due to fruit or green hues, nicely fragrant and without a (too intense) bitterness.

Own label Extra Virgin olive oil

We can provide a world-class olive oil under your own label in your restaurant or hotel. So you have a beautiful house olive oil and at the same time a nice sales item for the guests in your shop. They like to take a bottle as a gift for grandma, the babysitter or as a memento of the fun evening. Own label olive oil is already possible in small quantities and for surprisingly low prices.

Free tasting

We will show you all products during a no-obligation tasting in your restaurant. Be surprised by the taste and the favorable prices of the olive oils, vinegar, Fleur de Sel, olive jam and much more.

Request a tasting and call or send an email.


When you tap fresh olive oil, you experience it in the workshop. As a wholesaler, we deliver high quality at an attractive price. We import directly and have excellent contacts with our suppliers. Combine a range of toppers from all over the world with olive oil of our own brand and you have a wonderful assortment for the consumer.

Fresh olive oil taps made of stainless steel barrels.

The indestructible Sansone barrels with fresh olive oil look good in your workshop. We sell Sansone keg barrels and around ten different types of olives in bulk packaging. All with their own story, of the highest quality and with a special taste and smell. Buy the barrels in combination with the olive oil and we guarantee an attractive price.


We have a lot of experience in extracting olive oil in shops. For example, we have supplied a number of XL Albert Heijn stores, but also dozens of delicatessens. We advise you on the composition of the range, the selection of bottles and the training of your employees. We deliver the drums and the oil together with a specially developed manual with all texts and explanations and product descriptions, including a traceability table (BBD and lot number of the product).

We would be happy to visit you to show and try the products.


We would be happy to show you the possibilities. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment at 00 31 343 460795 or [email protected]