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Heros in the kitchen

30 Jan 2020
by Nico

As if Messi asks for advice for a good pass

Just as young football players can look up to Messi, Ronaldo or Virgil van Dijk, I look up to the great chefs of the Netherlands. Even now, when I bump into Mr. Cees Helder or walk into the kitchen of Mr. Jannis Brevet or Martin Berasategui, I feel a tension in my stomach. Sometimes I am called by a star chef and I get to hear a dish with the request to come up with a delicious olive oil. For me, that's like Messi calling you and asking for a good pass

Treat yourself to such a culinary experience

After being home for three years with my olive oils at the best restaurants in the Netherlands and Belgium, some habituation occurs. You will almost regard them as "normal" people. Until I have the pleasure to have a nice lunch or dinner with them again. Then I fall back in boundless admiration and I have superlatives to describe their talent.
I don't hide that admiration. I often urge people to visit the gems of Dutch gastronomy and when they see the travel distance as an obstacle, I just brought the restaurant to Amerongen on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. I was very proud that I was the initiator of that!

Olive oil as a promotional gift

During a lunch or dinner at a top restaurant you often get acquainted with a delicious olive oil from our range. Olive oil on the table with fresh, crispy bread, but also olive oil as an important seasoning in a delicate dish. Olive oil is also an ideal promotional gift with a much longer and more original attention value than, for example, a bottle of wine. The symbolism of olive oil cooperates. It is literally a source of warmth and light. It prevents friction, allows cogs to run smoothly, is one of the healthiest products on earth and allows the brain to produce endorphins, giving you a happy feeling. With olive oil you wish someone not only Happiness, Health & Success…. You give it!

That is why ... when it comes to olive oil, never enjoy it in moderation!


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